HI, MY NAME IS Nivedita & I AM A

I have worked on multiple Javascript frameworks and enjoyed creating user centric designs as part of my coursework, internship and research work.

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Hello, I’m a recent Computer Science graduate student from Northeastern University, Boston. My interests lie in designing highly functional and user friendly interfaces for al kinds of devices. As part of my coursework, research and internship I have created analytical dashboards, cross platform mobile applications and web applications. If you like any of my work, have questions or just want to talk, please reach out to me on my social profiles below.

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Dew Drop

Redesigne UI Concept

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Table Design

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Caramel Bottle

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My Projects

Velo Web App

Redux powered React.js data management system for scientists at Pacivif Northwest Natinal Laboratory.

NUEvents Mobile App

Ionic mobile application for targeted event alerts based on location using Beacons.

Webpage Maker Web App

Designed a MEAN stack web app which allows users to create blog like web sites using a spreadsheet.

HomePro Web App

Designed a web portal prototype to solve home problems faced by Home buyers on existing Boston Home Centre website.


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